Zims Sauces | CLUSTER OF HEAT – Mild, Medium, Hot Hot, & Hot Hot Hot Hot Sauces

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Zim's Mild Hot Sauce is a blend of Buffalo hot and Kansas City BBQ sauces. It's as comfortable on fried, grilled and baked chicken as it is mixed with your favorite BBQ recipe and smoked for hours.

641 Scoville Units - 8 fl oz (236mL)

Zim's Medium Hot Sauce is a step up in heat from its little brother, not a big step but a noticeable one. Our medium sauce finds its home on pulled pork, mac and cheese, eggs and bacon (who knew bacon could get better?). 

2,800 Scoville Units - 8 fl oz (236 mL)

Zim's Hot Hot Sauce is perfect for using drop by drop. Adding a zing of heat and accentuating flavors without overpowering the tasty sum. Use in chili, clam chowder, salad dressing, and on and on!

7,090 Scoville Units - 4 fl oz (118mL)

Zim's Hot Hot Hot Sauce was created for our great friend Blake who helps bring live music to Kansas City. Our Hot Hot Sauce was just not spicey enough for Blake. His signature blend is...it drives the heat to 11 and solves mini-bread catastrophes on the way.

12,000 Scoville Units - 4 fl oz (118mL)