Zims Sauces | CLUSTER OF HEAT – Mild, Medium, Hot & Hot Hot Hot Hot Sauces

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BUFSAS – mild: 813 Scoville Units
A blend of hot wing and Kansas City BBQ sauces that will smack your butt while it kisses your face. You name it, this is the peanut butter cup of sauces!

8 oz

KIKSAS – medium: 2,670 Scoville Units
Buffalo hot wing, Kansas City BBQ and pure heat that will kick your butt while it punches your face. Twice the heat of its little brother but the same fresh flavor.

8 oz

NUKSAS – hot: 7,090 Scoville Units
Buffalo hot wing, Kansas City BBQ, Piri Piri pepper and pure heat mixed to create a plume of flavor that melts your face. Put a drop or two in macaroni and cheese, a bowl of New England clam chowder, chili, Caesar salad dressing or cocktail sauce.

6 oz

BLAKESAS – hot hot hot: 12,000 Scoville Units
Our sauce was never hot enough for Blake.
It is now! zim’s Blakesas delivers a bouquet of beautiful heat that will explode on your tastebuds, turn your fore- head into a faucet and paint your face red!

4 oz